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Dr. Banerjee has a vision to facilitate healthcare providers delivering affordable standard-of-care to more patients than they would typically think possible, through the leveraging of technology, in the realistic context of the current, highly complex model of healthcare in the USA.

At this time he cares for patients in a corporate setting, and in the sub-acute and skilled nursing home care settings. He is developing software to enhance the efficiency of healthcare provision for all persons, and actively cares for patients who have high level of care requirement, leveraging technology to improve the quality of their care, and to provide more care to more persons than would be possible without this technology.

Dr. Banerjee is not currently operating a private practice outside of his patients in the corporate setting, but might be in the future.

Dr. Shomir Banerjee

Dr. Banerjee completed his Bachelor's in Engineering at Baylor University in 1995, and after working in industry, he returned to school to complete a Master's in Engineering at the University of Cincinnati in 2003. He then went on to complete his Medical Doctorate at Wright State University School of Medicine 2006, (Diploma). He moved to Sacramento to begin his Family Medicine Residency at University of California, Davis, which he completed in 2009, (Certificate). He is licensed to practice medicine in California, (CA License), and Board-Certified in Family Medicine, (ABFM Lookup System).

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